Who is Mobile Mockup Pro for?

Anyone already in the business of providing website creation, web hosting, SEO, mobile marketing, consulting, or any related serices, OR... anyone looking to start an ethical, sustainable business serving small businesses worldwide.

What exactly does Mobile Mockup Pro create?

Mobile Mockup Pro creates highly-interactive, fully-functional mobile websites, after just a few minutes of easy point-and-click "work"! It does this by sampling the colors, images, and text from any existing (non-mobile-friendly) website. Mobile Mockup Pro can also create "before and after" screenshots, to help show your prospective clients how BAD their current website looks in a mobile device, compared to how GOOD the mockup that you created for them looks.

How many websites can I create with Mobile Mockup Pro?

You may create and sell an unlimited number of websites with Mobile Mockup Pro, with absolutely no restrictions!

What happens after I click the "purchase" button?

After you click the "purchase" button, you will be directed to our secure payment page. After payment has been made, you will then be directed to the product download page (and you'll also get an email with the download information). The download is a 27 MB zip file. Once downloaded and unzipped, simply read the "Getting Started" PDF, and you'll be up and running in minutes!

What's the return policy?

If for ANY reason (or no reason at all), you aren't 100% satisfied with Mobile Mockup Pro, simply contact us within 60 days of purchase, and we'll refund your entire purchase right away, no questions asked!

How many computers can I use Mobile Mockup Pro on?

A single license entitles you to install and use Mobile Mockup Pro on as many computers as YOU personally own (you must be the primary user of each computer that the software is installed on). If you run a business that employs others, and would like your employees to be able to use Mobile Mockup Pro, then please get in touch about multi-license discounts.

Is a Mac version planned for the future?

At this time, a Mac version of the software has not been planned.